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Billy Foulkrod


   A proud born and raised Philadelphian, the city of brotherly love is where he still resides and works. His tattooing career began late 2003 with a rushed apprenticeship and came to an end when his father passed in March of 2005. In March of 2006 he began his apprenticeship over as a custom artist under mentor and friend, Paul Acker. Already being a master carpenter, he also built the brand new shop to be known as Deep Six. 

    "What a roller coaster ride it was to be a part of. Without Paul, and all of the amazing artists I was fortunate enough to work under, work with and call friends, my art and tattoos wouldn't be where they are today!"

    Here we are 2 years after the closing of Deep Six and I think it's safe to say that Foulkrod has broken out of his shell. In the past year he has become a multi-award winning tattooer and artist, and a proud sponsored member of the 'Dab Proteam' family. 

   Billy Foulkrod is very loyal and passionate about everything he does. He is a perfectionist and is extremely attentive to detail. He strives to grow as a tattoo artist, and as a person. 

   Neo Traditional is the style in which he chooses to draw, but is a pretty versatile tattooer. For appointments you can contact him directly at any of the links below....