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Justin Coppolino

Justin Coppolino has been tattooing for over 10 years and was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his Identical twin brother.

Often, he found himself headed down the creative path of life. It has always been art and music that does it for him.

In 2004, Justin made his way to Southern California to pursue music and art full time.
Being an artist and a tattoo collector, he took a serious interest in Tattooing.

In 2005 he began a year long apprenticeship at a Tattoo Studio near his apartment, in Los Angeles. After being on the road with his band periodically and continued artistry of tattooing, in late 2013 Justin was offered the opportunity to be a tattoo artist, face and personality on Oxygen tv's "Tattoos After Dark" this opportunity has pushed him to travel and do as many conventions as possible

Justin is an extremely passionate person as well as a perfectionist and that carries over in his work.

He feels very blessed to be able to do exactly what he loves in tattooing and music.

Tattoo Styles: Neo-Traditional, New School, Traditional, Black & Gray, Color