DAB Tattoo Cream 1oz jar Lavender Scent

Dab Tattoo Cream is an incredible before, during, and after care product created using 100% natural and organic ingredients. Each ingredient was chosen for what it brings to the healing process. You simply will not find a better care product for your tattoo.


As an artist, Dab can be used during the tattoo as your glide. You will find that given the ingredients in Dab, thanks to our high quality ingredients and essential oils, that you should see significantly less redness and irritation throughout the tattooing process. You will also notice that a little will go a long way. In essence, a little dab’ll do ya.


As a tattoo client, you will find that there is simply no better after care product on the market. Dab is designed with you in mind. Thanks to our 100% organic shea butter, just a thin layer of Dab on your brand new tattoo during the healing process will keep your tattoo moisturized just enough without overdoing it and making a healing tattoo “wet.”